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Shaping esports since 1997 SK Gaming has been writing history for more than two decades. Having been a brand from the very beginning, the Esports organisation has taken on a pioneering role in the rapidly growing industry. Shortly before its 25th birthday, EIGA has taken the globally recognised brand to a new level.

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Digital Design
  • Spacial Design

In our first move, we collaborated with the SK team to sharpen brand strategy and positioning. “Inspire & Lead (..) young people to have goals and aspiration in life”. The vision expresses the brand’s attitude and forms the foundation of the entire brand identity.

A hero of the brand design is the new brand typeface. It creates the balancing act between stability and dynamic. The font glides from slanted to back-slanted, creating a unique look. The combination of the dynamic font styles reflects the positioning that strives to lead and inspire. The well-known SK logo was also optimized in the process and integrated into the overall design system.


In the new digital presence, we play to the strengths of the energetic colour palette. Results, events, shop, stories – the system automatically displays the content in the brand design. A set of animated brand graphics make it easy to brand rooms, digital surfaces, fashion and merchandising. The players are the stars of the teams. Their portrayal in portraits is an important aspect of the brand. Different style specifications for portrait photography allow variety in productions for different occasions.

Alexander Müller, Owner SK Gaming

“To mark our 25th anniversary, we wanted to recharge our brand identity without losing the SK heritage. The team at EIGA managed to capture our vision in a slim but comprehensive process and bring it to life in a powerful brand design.“

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