Plastic-recycling – next level!

Plastic-recycling – next level!

Plastic recycling – next level! In this mailing to clients and friends, we wanted to make sustainability tangible in a special way. To achieve this, we gave plastic waste a second life and produced the raw materials by hand. Each card designed this way is unique and features the recipient’s initial.

  • Concept
  • Type Design
  • Hand Crafting
  • Production

Recycled plastic has never looked so good. For months, our team collected different colored plastic waste. We carefully curated shades and color combinations and shredded the sorted plastic. Using the workshop of ‘Precious Plastic’, this material was pressed into boards in various color combinations.



The individual characters were cut from the pressed recycling material. We then processed them into the finished plates in selected color combinations.

We developed a special display font for the initials. The rough outline of the letters is inspired by common packaging shapes.

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