Monday Consulting

Monday Consulting

Monday’s modular brand indentity sets new visual standards for the IT industry. Monday Consulting, Corporate Design. Monday develops complex communication and interaction systems for large organizations.

  • CI workshop
  • Brand strategy
  • Corporate design
  • Photoshooting
  • Web
  • Corporate illustration

New ways. Instead of drawing upon established, seemingly technical design elements, we have set off on new paths with Monday. With a specially developed character code, which stands metaphorically for the constantly newly emerging program code, we are creating a distinctive profile in the market and a clear differentiation from the competition.


The modular brand design – derived from the modular design of the design thinking theory – sets new visual standards in the IT industry. The design elements form a flexible modular system and, in ever new combinations, ensure a media-adequate, powerful brand appearance at all times.


Living Brand. The living Monday brand is intended to become especially attractive for potential employees. Alongside the new code language, the doodles are an important element of the brand appearance – these are illustrations that translate complex content into simple and above all, agreeable material.


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