EIGA Christmas Mailing 2018

EIGA Christmas Mailing 2018

Highly personalized Mailing: Upcycled with love. At the end of 2018, we designed sustainability in a completely different way: out of plastic waste. This resulted in a personalized greeting card made of things that appear to no longer have a purpose.

  • Concept
  • Type Design
  • Hand Crafting
  • Production

We cut out transparent letters from the film of used plastic bags. The font was designed specifically for the project on the basis of a reduced modular system of fewer basic forms. The repeatedly new combinations of our customers’ initials were pasted onto the cards, which were recycled from straw. For the final step, the copy text and seal were stamped on. #USEDTOTHELIMIT


Next to design and change, sustainability is an everyday aspect of our branding agency. We have used our greeting at the end of the financial year as an opportunity to discuss the attitude of our team and emphasize it more clearly in the agency’s brand presence. Upcycled plastic bags, cardboard recycled from straw, DIY typography – this is how a meaningful thank you emphasizing stability is created.


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