Immowelt Mini-Mags

Immowelt Mini-Mags

Reach clients faster and keep them up-to-date with mini magazines.

Reach clients faster and more easily with the latest trends: such is the goal behind the relaunch of the immowelt mag. The once “thick” mag is being turned into an elegant series of mini mags.


  • Magazine development
  • Editorial Design
  • Magazine Illustration

With a clear and comprehensive color and font concept, we improve and maintain the conciseness of the series over many issues. This gives the series a collectible flair. The magazine format and layout are based on the scope and structure of the contents of the mini magazines. Accompanying the mini magazine is the more comprehensive magazine, which includes a variety of timeless topics and columns from the real estate industry as well as the corresponding services of the Immowelt platform.


Every mini magazine explores an exclusive topic in detail. We enrich each edition with the latest information right up until the editorial deadline. The abridged editions are also quicker to produce. This means that the mini magazines can be issued more routinely so that Immowelt is able to reach clients more frequently and increase their company presence in the market.


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