BVE Sustainability Report 2019

BVE Sustainability Report 2019

How we will live. Sustainable thinking and action are important drivers for the cooperative. This is given transparent expression in the combined 2019 Annual and Sustainability Report. Clearly structured, rich in facts —and centered on people.

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“How we will live”: The title of the report invites curiosity into our future. Sharing, doing business sensibly, working sustainably, and overcoming hurdles together — with future topics such as these and others, the report guides the reader through the multifaceted world of one of Germany’s largest building cooperatives. The figures section summarizes the BVE’s activities and mandatory data with a variety of photo spreads, illustrations and dynamic key figures.


The measures already taken and the BVE’s future sustainability goals are laid out in the sustainability report. In “Together for Tomorrow”, clear sections provide background information on BVE’s work in the areas of working, living, participating, building, and moving.


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