Babtec relaunch

Babtec relaunch

A new brand strategy and design update for the leader in quality management solutions. Babtec opened the scene over two and a half decades ago and is today after many transformations a leading developer in quality management solutions.

  • Markenstrategie
  • Corporate-Design-System
  • Design Guideline
  • Interior Design

Since the early days of software-based quality management, a lot has happened. The company has been looking to reconsider its business growth and expansion plans by redefining its attitude and identity.


In cooperation with Babtec, we developed the corporate brand strategy in detail and delivered various expressions of the strategy: from a mission and vision to positioning and brand personality. By revising and enhancing Babtec’s brand values, they could also manage the internal behaviour of the organisation more effectively. These elements were accompanied by a conclusive evolution of the visual identity.


Presenting a much more focused colour palette, a new iconography and a contemporary redesign of the well-known Babtec grid, the brand design introduces a modernised version of itself. The big scale large-format typography reflects the core message of the relaunched brand in a playful yet vibrant way. The now more extensively concisely defined visual language serves the increased requirements of the entire internal and external communication.


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