used to the limit

used to the limit

Practice what you preach! We made this thought the principle for our agency communication. With simple technology, a self-developed display font and a lot of handcrafts we created a unique mailing.

  • Concept
  • Type Design
  • Hand Crafting
  • Production

Made from waste. Upcycled with love! We deliberately designed the personalized seasonal greetings exclusively with used packaging. For this, we took old cardboard boxes from stores that would otherwise have ended up in the garbage.



One-of-a-kind. To make each card not only unique in the look, but a personal one-of-a-kind, we decorated it with the initials of the mailing recipients – customers, partners, and friends – using the display font we developed especially for this occasion. Each letter was cut from recycled paper and applied by hand. Waste pieces resulting from this work were also used for the mailing envelope.


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