An icon for an icon After almost 20 successful years in the massively expanding e-sports industry, German high-performance club mousesports has partnered with us to supercharge their brand for a new era.

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Customized Typeface

EIGA has developed a new brand strategy and, based on this, a striking new visual identity. Changing the brand name – from mousesports to the punchy, shorter MOUZ – was an important step in this process.


The new MOUZ badge is a distinctive, heart-shaped emblem with the face of a mouse and the initial M.

This has created a future-proof symbol that picks up on the brand’s heritage, expresses its new spirit and rallies players, sponsors and the fan community behind it.


The bold design guarantees a powerful, heroic and sporty look with an eye-catching appearance on merchandising items, in-game products and at major e-sports events. The customized numbers of the individual brand font support the look on team jerseys and in-game results on the MOUZ website’s virtual Achievement Wall. Fun fact: MOUZ is currently sponsored by a cat – and it’s PUMA.


Fashion images © PUMA
Team images © MOUZ, Tobias Augustin


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