House of Wonders

Welcome to The House Of Wonders! The artist collective takes 3D experiences to a whole new level with full-service image and video production. We developed their brand identity based on their vision: “We replace classic image and video production.”

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Design
  • UI Design
  • Brand Iconography & Illustration
  • Motion Design

Now, you know HOW! The distinctive wordmark focuses on motion. In the loop, it transforms the House Of Wonders into its abbreviation and becomes a play on words: HOW! In contrast to the three-dimensional work, the design elements focus on two-dimensionality.


Three unique display fonts, specially designed for HOW, translate the brand values: Dreamy, like Fantasy. Techy, like Innovations. Shiny, like Wonders.

The brand design centers on black and white, giving the collective’s artwork a calm frame. A playful sticker set creates visual noise, expressing the collective’s funky vibe and generates attention where needed.


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