Adobe XD – UI Toolkit. Every great project starts with an exciting idea. We got together with the Adobe XD team and developed a fictional technology brand named Sparkler. This virtual IT company’s design tasks are basis for the sales narrative in Adobe’s presentations at events and in online classes.

  • Identity Design
  • Digital

Alongside the exciting story, we have also created an unusual but practical toolkit with a large number of UI design elements for many different web applications.


Our design concept illustrates the abstract interpretation of an ignition spark. A metaphor for different aspects of a designer’s work. The essence of a sparkling idea. A boost in the right direction .The energy to create something new.


Both, in live product presentations in front of a wide audience and in online seminars with groups of experienced web designers and developers, Adobe uses special UI kits to demonstrate the power and features of Adobe XD, their leading front-end design application. The UI elements of the Sparkler kit are a graphical construction set. The presenter can simply pull all the elements out of an XD library while presenting them live to the audience.


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