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Brand relaunch for Hamburg’s largest housing cooperative

Bauverein der Elbgemeinden eG, Corporate Design. EIGA devised the strategic realignment and corporate design for the largest housing cooperative in Hamburg, with over 13,000 properties (and more than 19,000 members).


  • Brand strategy
  • Corporate design
  • Communication concept
  • Online
  • Annual report
  • Customer magazine
  • Exhibition design

A brand-new strategy. Based on the overarching concept of »Space to live«, we combined the cooperative’s pledge of solidarity with a self-image appropriate to its size as the basis for the corporate design. The new look brings a freshness to the old logo. The central design element, a colour field that constantly changes shape, deriving from a floor plan, stands for the variety of the residential and commercial properties.


Financial reporting in magazine-style. The magazine section of the new annual report also contributes to the repositioning of the BVE brand, with a carefully considered range of topics. The concept, which is based on the real-life situations of actual members and everyday situations, keeps the clarity of the design grounded.


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